Find Hope

Just wanted to end it all.

Do you want to know what reality is?


Do you want to know what reality is? Reality is having a Father that has three DUI’s and has to ride a bike to work. Reality is being seven years old and having three kids that you hang out with tie you up. And as you scream for help, they rip your clothes off and threaten your life with a blade to your throat. It’s going to a party just to have fun. But then getting so drunk that your scared to tell a guy “no”. Because you remember what happened the last time you said no. It’s being so angry and miserable without your pills, that while your Mom’s driving down the highway, you jerk the wheel toward you because you just want it all to end. How do I know that’s reality? Cause that was me! Truth is; January 2010 I went to Teen Challenge. Five months into the program. I got saved and God changed my life. Truth is; God has restored my family relationships. And through how I live my life, they have changed theirs also. Truth is; God has helped me forgive my abusers and walk in His love. He is the only one that can heal that emptiness and that burning hole that was inside of me. Truth is; I’m now a student at ELC and God is using me to spread His hope to others.

Ladonna - Just wanted to end it all.